COVID-19 Testing Sites

A map of COVID-19 Testing Sites in and around the City of Chicago organized by neighborhoods.

Map Created by: Leslie Vargas

It is said that if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, been in contact with anyone who has had COVID, or recently participated in a high risk activity, you should definitely get tested for the virus.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of sites in and around the City of Chicago that offer COVID testing and you’re bound to find one either in or near your neighborhood.

For the people that don’t have a healthcare or medical insurance, there are approximately 165 community health centers throughout the Chicago land area and no patient will be turned away regardless of immigration status and inability to pay.

In the map shown you’re able to interact and find a testing site near you that offers COVID testing and is organized by different neighborhoods.

It is important that you get tested as while you might not show symptoms, you can still carry the virus and spread it to others that are more vulnerable. You should especially get tested if you have participate in activities that put you at high risk.

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