Chicago Cubs Attendance 1996–2020

Chicago Cubs attendance from 1996–2020 by year. Attendance for Cubs have always been up and down but have always stayed within the 2–3 million range.

In 1996 to 1997 the Chicago Cubs had the lowest attendance rate after returning home to Wrigley Field after losing six straight games in Miami and Atlanta, not many people were rooting for them to win which explains the low attendance rate. Wrigley Field however saw a spike in attendance in 1998 as that was the season Sammy Sosa hit 66 home runs.

Attendance for the Cubs games after were at a somewhat steady pace before we see another decline from 2012 to 2013–2014. This is due to the Cubs not cutting ticket costs and profiting off the tourists and people who come in regardless of the team’s performance.

In 2016 we see a major spike and this is when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series Championship with 8–7 victory over the Cleveland Indians. After 108 years they finally broke their so called curse and won the championship in Cleveland’s Progressive Field.

There isn’t much of a change in attendance after that except for the obvious 2020 where there is no attendance recorded as the field is closed due to the COVID pandemic.

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